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For Sonnography
Monday to Saturday : 9 am – 4 pm,
Sunday closed
Phone – 25895886 / 9322925757

For Cardiac Surgery

Monday to Saturday : 8 am – 10 am,
Sunday closed
Phone - 9324243254

USG Guided Procedures

USG Guided Procedures
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  • No admission required, OPD procedure, Minimally invasive, most accurate

  • Disease located and procedure done under vision-under local anesthesia
Breast Biopsy

Breast tumor seen on sonography & biopsy taken from it using a biopsy gun

Liver Biopsy

Liver tumor seen on sonography & biopsy taken from it using a biopsy gun

Lymph Node

Tiny needle inserted & aspirate taken on slide

Liver Abscess Drainage

Pus in the liver removed by inserting a long needle under local anasthesian, no pain.

Pleural / Ascetic Fluid Tapping

Fluid from chest and abdomen removed by a long needle.


Under sonography guidance, inserting a thin needle in breast, thyroid, any swelling, a lymph node, TB glands & removing a sample of the contents which is sent to lab for diagnosis.

Anomaly Scan

What - Most important and detailed scan
When – At the end of the 5th month during pregnancy i.e. 18-19 weeks
Why – All the internal organs – systems are developed and can be checked whether normally formed. If any serious abnormality found, choice of abortion can be offered before 20 weeks.

Best machine available at Dr. Dhanashri' Sonography, coupled with experienced expertise makes it possible to carry out anomaly scan to the perfection

Obstetric / Pregnancy Scan

1st Trimester Scan – Within first 2-3 months to confirm position and date

NT Scan – Performed during 12-14 weeks, gives indication of any chromosomal abnormality at the earliest. Structures checked :
  • Nuchal Translucency

  • Nasal Bone

  • Ductus Venous waveform – Gives earliest indication of any heart disease
2nd Trimester Scan – Anomaly Scan

3rd Timester Scan

When – in last 3 months
  • To see fluid around the baby

  • Interval growth

  • Weight of the baby

  • Cord around the neck

  • Scar of the previous caesarian section
Sono Mammography

What – Sonography of the breast

Why – To evaluate a lump / pain / discharge from the nipple

When – Depending on the sonography findings, line of further management like follow – up / biopsy / FNAC / MRI is decided.

Musculo skeletal Scan

USG Shoulder – Diagnosis of painful shoulder movement

USG of Muscles – To look for tear / blood clot after injury

USG of Knee

USG of Ankle

USG Thyroid – For diagnosis of thyroid swelling or nodule & FNAC

USG Scrotum / Doppler
  • Infertility

  • Testicular tortion in trauma


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